27/32 – Day 27 – FULL BODY


Full body workout called Killer by Ewa Chodakowska. Extreme cardio with some core strengthening exercises, especially focused on legs and ABS.

This workout always squeezes a lot of sweat out of me. This time I did it with a break in between because I had to put my daughter to bed in the meantime so I though I’d have enough time to rest in the middle… Well, I had, but still at the end I thought I was going to die! I love this workout!!!


That’s me afterwards. Very serious face, I was literally out of power at the end, couldn’t lift my butt up out of the mat!


I’ll be repetitive here. Still holding on to my healthy plan, so nothing new here.


7h of sleep. Not that bad but I was really sleepy after work so I had to take a nap during the day.


Didn’t have time for book cause I went to bed too late. Need to work on that further!


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