28/32 – Day 28 – FULL BODY (and pancakes…)


This is my latest discovery: Popsugar Fitness. I was browsing youtube to find something new and came across those workouts. I’ve chosen this one:

… and loved it! But it seemed a bit short so I added a short tabata afterwards:

I’m so glad I’ve found those workouts. I’ll definitely try to do them more often.


Now… To be honest, today was supposed to be a rest day. However my beloved husband treated us all to THIS:


❤ ❤ ❤

Pancakes!!! My husband is the best in preparing pancakes. This, and a cheesecake, are his specialty and those ones here were with cocoa! ❤ Absolutely delicious!!! I had mine with natural yoghurt, banana and some blackberries…

So this is why I’ve decided to do my workout. The last few weeks I’ve cut out my carbs intake, eating them only around my workouts time, so in the evenings, but never THAT MUCH! So I thought I’m gonna have those pancakes as a post-workout meal 😀 And so I did. Ahh everyone deserves a little treat every now and again, right?


I slept 7h at night and had a 2h nap during the day right after work. I literally came back home and went straight to bed.


Nothing new here. Internet use still limited, even though I know I could limit it even more… Unfortunately I had no time to read a book. After that long nap I had a very short evening and had to squeeze everything as much as I could. I also went to bed too late and was so tired that I didn’t even think about opening the book… I know I’m hopeless with this… Hopefully I’ll sort this problem out during my holidays.



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