29/32 – Day 29 – REST DAY (shopping)

Saturday before our holidays, looking through my daughter’s wardrobe I’ve discovered (to mu horror!) that nearly all of her summer clothes are too small so I put her old clothes in the bag for recycling, and took her shopping. Oh, she was absolutely delighted! 😀 Especially when we treated ourselves to these huge delicious ice-creams!


The second half of the day was a crazy fun time for her because her best friend came over and they spent all afternoon running and jumping till they nearly dropped. Literally! My daughter got sick afterwards, she obviously doesn’t know her limits… Well I wouldn’t blame her, she’s just a kid! She was already sneezing a little too often and when I saw her in the evening, she was all sweaty, with a runny nose and eyes nearly in tears. She wasn’t well. Perfect! Right before holidays…

But at least girls could have some fun together. Next time they see each other it’s gonna by September, so perhaps that’s why they had to go so crazy 😉

Now, lots of vitamin C, warm bath and a lot of rest and I hope she’s gonna be fine before Tuesday. Fingers crossed!

Here’s her swimwear, all from Penneys (she’s absolutely crazy about My Little Pony so you can imagine her reaction when she saw that swimsuit with ponies! 😀 ):



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