30/32 – Day 30 – LEGS & ABS


Feeling great and full of energy today! I had a very busy day, spent nearly 6 hours in town getting ready for holidays. I had my nails done and I spent some time with one of my friends and did some additional shopping. When I came back I was still full of energy but I didn’t want to do too much, so this time it was Mel B’s legs and ABS. I just love that workout! It seems easy but oh noooo! Soo many squats!!! So many tummy exercises!!! I was sweating like a pig! Seriously! Even though it was far from cardio… Love it!

Here’s me before and after that workout:


Not really enough of any because I was out in the city for 6 hours! Had two cups of coffee and a protein bar. But apart from that I was eating healthy, no crappy sh*t (excuse my language…) I’m hanging on there… Not many days left. Gosh I begin to worry about myself when I’ll already be on hols…


7.5h – not bad. Just enough I’d say. I was feeling OK all day, didn’t need a nap.


I’m doing fine. Those 6 hours in town helped a lot indeed. I even read a book before sleep which is a huge success! Yay!!! 😀



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