31/32 – Day 31 – REST DAY (packing)

I don’t have much to say… I was supposed to go to work today but had to stay at home with my daughter who isn’t feeling well… Just perfect, right before our flight and she caught a cold and is complaining on her ear…Ā  So I had to make sure she gets enough rest and takes all the vitamins and stuff, and in the afternoon her energy was already higher and she seemed to be getting back in shape. Still not a 100% though, and I’m worried about her during the flight, because I was once flying when I had a cold and it was a horrible and quite painful experience. I wouldn’t like her to get through this… Really hoping she’ll feel much better in the morning… Poor little thing…

The day was quite productive. I managed to edit a few photos. I was planning to bring my laptop with me and perhaps do some editing while on holidays but that’s a bad bad idea. It’s holidays, c’mon! No matter how I love what I’m doing, I know I’ll benefit more having proper rest, especially having a break from social media and stuff. So I scheduled a few posts on my photography page on Facebook and will only update Instagram occasionally. That’s the plan. We are however taking our camera with us of course and are planning to do some photo shoots there. Hope we’ll get something really nice and interesting! I’m already very excited!!!

Now packing packing packing, which I purely hate… and no sleep tonight. It’s already 23:30 and we need to wake up at 3:00, so we’ve decided there’s no point in going to sleep, especially since we’re still packing… We’ll be wrecked tomorrow, I know… Perhaps we’ll get some sleep on the plane… ?

Ahhh… I’ve been waiting for these holidays since September and it’s happening at last! I can’t believe it! Tomorrow – Day 32 – I’ll be already writing from Lanzarote šŸ˜€ wooohooo! So excited! ā¤


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