Lanzarote Holidays

Welcome back and sorry for such a long break….

After coming back from holidays I went straight to Poland with my daughter and then there was so many thing to make up for that I didn’t have time for blogging. But now I’m slowly getting back on track.


So… back to my long awaited holidays… to put the words short, it was an absolutely fantastic time of doing NOTHING, just chilling, relaxing, sunbathing, eating, rest, reading and above all being with those two dearest people in my life: my daughter and my husband. Quality time that we all enjoyed.

Lanzarote is a lovely island, you can have stable weather most of the time, it’s really warm and the ocean is warm too! (it was even warmer than the water in the pool!) The island has quite a raw landscape with not much greenery, and the sand is quite dark and dusty but it’s still beautiful and gives you that feeling of peace and quiet which I’ve been counting on most of all when choosing the holiday destination.

Unfortunately I won’t be able to tell you much about this place because we’ve seen very little. This time we didn’t want to go sightseeing. I think that last year was so tough for us that we only dreamt of total rest. That’s why we spent two weeks by the pool…

or on the nearby beach:

The hotel offered lots of attractions for kids so my daughter was delighted. We also enjoyed some sports activities and the animation programme every night so that was just enough for us.

I love pool! I could play for hours and hours…. I managed to win in the beginning but I guess my husband was only warming up cause he was unbeatable later (as always… he’s the best!).


Tennis… I’d rather leave it with no comment. We’ve lost one ball, which went over the fence somewhere on the street… Besides there was lots of fun, laughing and running after the ball, squatting and sweating cause it was boiling hot! After one hour we looked like two lobsters. Even my cap didn’t help much… my face all red and covered in freckles. But we really enjoyed it!


Apart from that, my daughter took part in many different activities for kids and came back with 4 diplomas! And as an addition to this my husband took part in darts competition twice, and the second time he won that with a beautiful score! So proud of them both!

My daughter surprised me most when she took part in karaoke (for the first time in her life) and honestly she won the hearts of everyone there! Definitely mine and my husband’s, I shed some tears, I was so touched and proud of her… She’s got a real talent, my little star ❤ I have to post it here as a beautiful memory for her for future ❤


I also had my 5 minutes on the stage! One night there was that Brazilian dance show and they were picking “volunteers” from the audience. And guess who they picked!?!? … Well to my pure luck the thing we were all supposed to take part in while on the stage turned out to be one of my Zumba choreography dance so I knew it pretty well. I think I was actually the only one of all those girls on the stage, who knew what was going on there (hahaha) and I had a lot of fun! Hope you have fun watching too 😉

Oh yes! That was some performance!!!! hahaha

We took all-inclusive and to be honest after the first week of constant eating and lying in the sun, I felt kind of bad about myself… I could feel my belly growing!!! 😮 So I’ve decided to move my ass and go for jogging in the morning. And it was brilliant! I even woke up without an alarm clock (shock!) every day at 7am. Went for a short jogging in the heat, it was already way over 20 degrees Celsius!? and back straight under the shower and for breakfast, for our favourite pancakes with fruit and yoghurt ❤ I really enjoyed the run, the views were amazing, and actually there was loads of other people either running or walking so early in the morning. I loved those mornings so much! I miss that now.

A few photos from  my morning jogging:

As regards my fitness goal, I think I reached it. I was kind of disappointed at the beginning because my tummy was still like a little ball, but I’ve found a culprit. It was that innulin we were taking with my husband for the last few weeks. Apparently your body needs time to get used to it and it needs about 6 weeks. Until then you can experience bloating… So I stopped taking it after a few days in Lanzarote cause I looked like a pregnant woman in a swimming suit… and guess what? The next day my belly was already flatter!


It was a great time! I’ve definitely charged my batteries both physically and mentally and that’s exactly what I had been hoping for. It was really hard to come back especially that it was raining the next day in Ireland…


Holidays are always too short. Do you have the same impression?



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