Go Run

Why not?

The weather is beautiful, you can find half an hour! Just get into your running clothes, turn off social media, put on your headphones and GO! Your inner self will thank you for it.

And it did!

After all it’s all about overcoming your own laziness and adding some variety to your daily routine. It’s about doing something good for yourself which will make you feel better. It will also change the way you perceive yourself because not only will endorphines improve your mood but also you will feel proud of yourself! Would you not like that?


This is exactly what I did yesterday and how I felt afterwards. I’ve had quite a long break from running and I won’t hide that yesterday’s run was extremely hard, but I told myself that I would run 4km and so I did… somehow… Half dead after the 3rd km but I managed! ufff….

Screenshot_20170801-193236_14km is my limit so far and to be honest I’m not really ambitious to do more. Perhaps I will extend that some day, just to see how far I could get, but I treat running only as an addition to my workouts, usually as a warm-up or I go running when the weather is nice and I need to add some variety to my fitness plan, or in the morning when I simply want to wake up and get more energy for the day. This is also extremely tiring for my body and since I don’t want to loose weight, I’m trying not to exaggerate with cardio. That’s a short explanation of the situation.

So choose what works best for you. Even if you do 0.5km in the beginning, it is AMAZING! And you know why? Because it cost you a lot! You made that step out of your comfort zone and did something difficult, maybe even something entirely new in your life. But most of all you made a decision in your head – to move your ass and do something good for your body. That’s what counts!

Keep rocking!!!



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