My first 5K

Now, I never thought that would happen! Ever!!! Partly because I’m not really a runner, I run only very occasionally to introduce some variety into my training program or as a warm-up, and partly because let’s be honest – I’m not that ambitious.

Sometimes I love the feeling of challenge though 😉 And that’s what happened yesterday.

4km has always been my limit and I was finding it extremely exhausting! Yesterday I felt that calling again (beautiful warm sunny day) and when I noticed that I’m not panting like an old steam train and my legs don’t feel like two heavy anvils… I thought “OK I wonder how much I can do if I slow down my pace a little… hmm…” And here comes my great surprise!!! I did 4k no problem! No feeling as if I was going to drop dead right there at that moment, as always after running that distance (?!), so I kept running thinking “all right babe, let’s try and make it for the 5!!! You can do it!” Music in my headphones gave me that extra kick too cause the song had exactly the same rhythm as my running was, so I felt like I got wings suddenly! I was flying through those last meters, my mind in another dimension captivated by the sound, and feeling euphoric cause of the adrenaline and excitement. I got past 4.5k!!! And when I heard the app saying “5 kilometers” I wanted to jump up and shout “YESSSSSS!” I think I did it actually 😉 And then I ran another 19 meters to get back at my door. I wasn’t sore, my legs could still carry me further (shockingly enough I could walk normally when I stopped!!!) and my heart rate was fine, but I was dying to let my husband know what has just happened. I still couldn’t believe it (OMG, I did it!!! 😀 ).

Here’s my tired but proud and happy face after that run.

That is an absolutely amazing feeling! When you leave your comfort zone, when you cross your limits, do something against your own self, against what you’ve always felt was the ultimate truth! That’s when that unbelievable feeling of real euphoric happiness and self-accomplishment comes. I always thought that 4k is my uncrossable limit and I would never ever be able to run any farther. But look, there was only two little things I had to do in order to prove myself wrong: make that decision to TRY, and slow down my pace slightly.

Small thing… Perhaps for most of you 5k seem like a piece of cake. But it’s not about the distance. Do you remember how you felt when you did your first 2k, 4k, 8k? Or wait there, do you remember what you felt after finishing your first marathon? Every time you move your limit line a little bit further, be it 10m, 20m, or maybe more, you come back home feeling amazing! Or maybe you had a very bad day, perhaps the weather is crap but you decide to go out for a run anyway. Well, you did it! You did something against yourself! You pushed yourself to the limit and you did NOT give up. This is how you grow, how you build your self-confidence brick by brick, how you become stronger, not only physically but also mentally. Isn’t that true? Is fitness (or running in that case) not a perfect psychological therapy? I wonder what you think about it. Perhaps you’ve experienced something similar or maybe you feel challenged enough to try? Leave a comment below. I would love to hear what you think about it.

Love, xxx



12 thoughts on “My first 5K

    • Oh thank you 🙂 My first run was 0.6km and I thought I was going to die! Hope you decide to give it a try some day. It clears your mind and makes you forget about everything for a while.


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