Floral Summer Dress

I wanted to write this post long time ago but only recently have I managed to find time to edit those photos… This photo shoot took place in June this year during our holidays in Lanzarote. I bought the dress a couple of months earlier, I don’t really remember when exactly, but it was totally unexpected shopping (as always šŸ˜‰ ). I got it from Oasis and I was very lucky cause the dress was on sale and the price was reduced from ā‚¬98 to ā‚¬25 (if I remember right) ! Score!!!

This is my second floral dress I have. I’m very picky as it comes to patterns on my clothes, I tend to avoid patterns in general cause there’s very few that I like and I don’t really feel good wearing flowers and zigzags…, but this one is just perfect! I fell in love with those flowers from the first sight. It is so delicate, the pattern doesn’t “shout” and does not give you that feeling of having “too much” on yourself, it doesn’t overshadow you. In addition to that, it is really comfortable to wear and it looks absolutely gorgeous in the wind. Oh, and it comes with a lovely thin red belt, which unfortunately I forgot to bring with me on holidays so it’s not in the photos, but as you see it looks amazing even without the belt.

All photos were taken by my husband and edited by myself. I acted as a model. If you’d like to see more of our work, please check our Facebook page: Crystal Dot Photography or our Instagram: @crystal_dot_photography and say “hi” or leave a “like”. It’s very much appreciated :*

Thank you ā¤








All images Ā© 2017 Crystal Dot Photography. All rights reserved.

Oh, I wonder what’s your fashion taste as it comes to patterns and flowers? Do you like wearing them? If you’re looking for a great variety of such clothes, Oasis have loads of them, colourful, floral and very stylish. But also plain-coloured, perfect for classy office look which I’m also kind of crazy about. And they often have great sale offers! I absolutely love that shop! (Actually I’ll tell you something, I was there yesterday and I bought a lovely pair of heels and long earrings! ā¤ My husband doesn’t know about that yet so shhhh…. I’ll show you some other time šŸ˜‰ ).



12 thoughts on “Floral Summer Dress

  1. Such a cute dress! I really like the pleated skirt. It adds a little texture and volume. I’ve never been one for floral prints, but they are so trendy right now that I just bought a floral print dress for a wedding I’m attending this weekend. I’m getting excited to wear it now. It’s always fun to dress up for an event, you know?

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