Revamping our IG photography account

Our Instagram photography account @crystal_dot_photography is in the rearrangement process now. That is why there’s not many photos yet and I’m trying to organise them all in a sensible order, chronologically most of all. Which sometimes means also publishing some new / old photos there so that an order of three bnw and three colour photos is kept all the time.

Not sure if I’m doing right. Some people probably don’t like it when it’s in order however I did not like the way our account looked like before. To me it was messy… I like to have everything clear and to make it easier for the visitors and their sight to spot what they might be interested in. I think the new layout is going to be much easier to look at and browse through.

So as the first to go, I’ve decided to present a photo shoot of my husband who is also a photographer together with me. I think it’s a great introduction to the whole profile and also he was actually one of the first that I have tested my photography skills on.

So here we go, here’s a few of his photos which open the IG account:




The first and the last photo which I’m sharing here with you, were taken in our house.

The first one was a total improvisation. My husband was playing with a lens filter, and I just happened to have a camera in my hand so he looked at me through that filter and I said “wait, stay like that”! And so we have a great photo, which is one of my favourites, especially thanks to his captivating eyes!

Since we don’t have a real studio but the weather in Ireland likes to play tricks way too often, we adapt either our large bedroom or the living room for the photo shoots sometimes. The last photo here was taken in such conditions and the blue background you see is actually a mattress! (would you ever guess?!) πŸ˜€

I don’t want to upload all the photos here. There’s three more of him to be seen on IG so if you’re interested please feel free to visit us there and like our profile.Β  Click on the photo below to go to our Instagram account:


We are also booking photo shoots for the upcoming weekends, so if you’re interested and you live in Dublin, Ireland, please give us a shout (probably the best way is via email or send us a private message on Instagram).

ThanksΒ  :*



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