September Favourite Workout

I might not have been writing about my fitness activities too much recently, but that doesn’t mean I’m not exercising, guys! I love it way too much to stop. I do my workout regularly 3-4 times a week. However since my daughter’s school started I have a little bit more responsibilities at home, plus I’m trying to catch up with any outstanding photography projects I had left. That seriously shortened the time I have for myself, so I’ve decided toΒ  choose shorter workouts. Besides I really want to focus on improving my flexibility, that’s why workouts are usually 30min long and then I do about 30min of good stretching. So far it seems to be working just fine.

But what I want to share with you today is the dumbbell workout which I found on youtube last Saturday. This is by far one of the best workouts I’ve done recently. It looks so innocent, but oh my!!! the DOMs it gave me the day after and two days after!!!!! OMG! I’ve been missing those so much actually so I’m honestly happy and so assured now that the workout is doing its job really well. Call me a masochist :p but I love that muscle soreness after a good workout! Is there more people like me out there? I’m sure there is! We’re basically total fitness freaks, all of us, aren’t we? :p

Now, I haven’t been really doing much weight lifting, perhaps once a week in general because gaining muscle tissue was not my goal recently. That’s why I wasn’t checking any progress. Yesterday I did, and to my pure shock I’ve noticed that my biceps has grown a little!? Really? Can you see that? Or is it my mind playing tricks on me? (oh I hope not! )

The first photo is from May this year, the second one was taken yesterday. I know the light and angle is a bit different, but I could see a slight difference! My arms are the weakest part of my body, they are very slim and they don’t really want to grow so I’m happy even if there’s a minimal progress haha. I think next time I should take measurements. Happy days! πŸ˜€

I don’t see much progress in the way my whole body looks anyway, but at least I’m not going backwards, which is a great thing, I think … At my age I’m not expecting it to go as easy and fast as when I was a teenager! I work out cause I love it and I’m sure my body, my health, will benefit from my physical activities, so that’s a pro- argument enough. At my own pace, not stressing out about goals and deadlines. Just to feel better. I’m sure progress will come eventually, right? It’s already much much better than 4 years ago when I started.


How about you? Do you do any sports? Any recent achievements, successes you’d like to share with me? I’d love to hear your story.


6 thoughts on “September Favourite Workout

    • Thank you so much :* Yeah, it shouldn’t be too difficult if you’ve made a decision and you’re motivated, but you know that for sure! I keep my fingers crossed for you! xxx


    • Thank you :* Yeah I know the feeling… what’s worse I often tend to start eating worse closer to winter. I’m like a bear getting ready for winter sleep haha. Hope you get back on track! You can do it girl! xxx


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