Our first photo shoot – January 2016

The first photo shoot ever (excluding taking occasional photos of my handsome husband of course) – it was a photo shoot I did for my friend. She was a perfect model, beautiful and talented, with that ease in her movements, emanating sexiness all around her. Loved it! Especially because my aim from the beginning was most of all boudoir and sensual photography. Well… we are doing that kind of photography but it seems that we’ve evolved into something more than this, focusing a lot on portraits and adding some artistic touch to our photos. Anyway, THAT photo shoot turned out pretty good actually, even though it was late, getting darker (it was a typical Irish gloomy day) and we were only using the benefits of natural window light. It took place in Sandra’s house and it was more like an experiment from my side as I’ve never done that kind of photo shoot before. But it was a fantastic experience and I think we have a few good photos:


*all photos belong to Crystal Dot Photography – all rights reserved

The last photo caused quite a big engagement on Facebook. I really love it! I like all of them but this one here was a pure surprise. We were nearly finished and then this vision cleared out in my head, so I asked her to sit on the kitchen table at the window, and here it is! A lovely low key natural light photo. Love it! Thank you, Sandra! You’re a natural talent and a beautiful model! Mua xxx

We really wanted to repeat this photo shoot but never had a chance to do it since. I’m still hoping for this day to come!

Let me know what you think in a comment. Which photo you like most?

Also if you’d like to see more of our works, please like our Fb page Crystal Dot Photography or/and our Instagram account: @crystal_dot_photography



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