My first 10K

I still can’t really believe it!

10K has never been my aim. I don’t have any ambition to run marathons nor even to run really far just for fun. I think that amount of cardio is not good for me and my already very slim body. It’s too knackering for the organism. I run occasionally because I like introducing variety into my workout schedule, and sometimes when the weather is nice I prefer to do my exercises outdoors.

This? Pure coincidence and a huge surprise to myself.

I don’t often go for running and for all this time my limit has always been 4km. I had neither any ambition nor faith that I could do more than that. However I like challenging myself sometimes and you might remember like a month and a half ago I was over the moon having run my first ever 5K. Do you remember that? Since then, I went out for a run only 4 times more, doing 7K, then back to 4K, and 7K again. And last Friday I jumped up to 10K !!!

So how has that happened?

Well, I went out for a run thinking I’d do 5 or 7K like I did last time. But once I’ve reached that point of 7km I thought “oh I think I can do more, let’s see if I can make it till 8km”. I kept listening to that song which has a perfect rhythm with my pace and I kept running without even thinking what I was doing. I’ve reached 8km and I still felt that I could do more, so I thought “oh, let’s see if I can do one more kilometer”. It wasn’t that easy but with that beat in my ears, I felt like I had wings or some extra fuel, I don’t know but it was incredible!!! So I did 9k. And then I thought, well… it’s only 1km more till the magical 10! I can do this!!! πŸ˜€ And that’s when it started raining… I was getting worried I would have to stop because of the rain. Worried more about my phone getting wet… cause for me the rain was actually very refreshing. Fortunately it was only a drizzle and I managed to finish the whole distance!

My happiness afterwards was unbelievable!!!


I remember how I was filled with awe and admiration when I watched my friends running 7 or 10K, not to mention those who run marathons!?!?!? OMG!!! To me this point has always been out of reach. But now I see that it was all in my head. It’s a great feeling when you push your limits and get out of your comfort zone. For that alone, it is worth challenging yourself from time to time.

I think I will stop at this distance for a while. I plan to focus more on weights now because too much cardio made me lose some precious centimeters here and there recently… But now that I know I can do it, I will definitely try again! And perhaps I will also try to challenge myself a little bit further, but not pushing too much.

Is there anything you’ve been particularly proud of yourself recently? I’d love to hear it from you. Feel free to share it with me in a comment.



4 thoughts on “My first 10K

  1. Well done!! I had set 10k as a goal for this year. I did it once (11 even!), but also feel that I have to get some more practice to be able to do this regularly. That’s why I just recently started with interval training. That is supposed to make you run faster as well, so doing 10k will take me less time (I must confess: I like running, but I often get bored after a few kilometres, and it takes so much energy to continue and finish 5K, let alone 10k, so if I can do it faster, it will take less time and I’ll be able to run many more 10k’s!).

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    • That’s amazing!!! Well done! And you have a great goal. I’m sure you can do it! I think I know what you mean with getting bored πŸ˜‰ Do you listen to music while running? That could also help a little πŸ˜‰


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