photo by Crystal Dot Photography


Thanks for visiting my blog. Hope you find some inspiration here.

My name is Anna and I come from Poland. Most of all I’m a happy wife and also a mother of one gorgeous little girl. They are my whole life and I love them to bits! We live in Ireland but we’re still looking for our dream place in this world (preferably somewhere hot and beautiful as we all love the sun!).

I’m a very active person with a positive and optimistic attitude towards life. I love fitness, zumba with my friends and lifting weights with my husband. I’d love to share some of that with you, give you some ideas on how to find time for this when you are a busy woman.

I’m crazy about music, design, nature, fashion, beauty and all sort of beautiful things… I’d love to show you the beauty that I notice; perhaps it will touch your heart too!

I used to play the violin (hence my photo above), I played quite a lot back in Poland and I really enjoyed that. Music is my cure for everything. It’s my oasis, my anchor, my mood booster and also my escape sometimes… Surprisingly classical music is not my type; I love hard rock and ghotic, but also other music styles if only they turn my soul.

I perceive myself as a creative person and I’ve always enjoyed creating and designing different things… from simple colourful designs on paper, drawings to designing and making booklets, stationery and many other extremely time-consuming things. I’ve always wanted to learn how to design websites and I managed to learn that skill a few years ago. In the meantime I got very much into graphic design and I absolutely loved that.

This is what led me to photography. I formed a team together with my husband and created Crystal Dot Photography. Thanks to this I discovered an entirely different world of beauty and creativity and I got positively lost in there too. I’d love to share some of our works here with you.

Professionally I run an online shop with skincare products which I absolutely fell in love with a few years ago and I help people (especially women) achieve success in this business. Because of that I have also become very interested in personal development so you’ll also find a few bits of that here sometimes. I love when people fulfil their dreams and do what they are passionate about.

If you’d like to have a closer look at what I do, you’re very welcome. Here’s a few links to where you can find me:

Irish shop: www.activenaturalcollagen.com
EU shop: www.anc.colwayinternational.com
Business blog: www.activenaturalcollagen.wordpress.com
FB: Colway Ireland – Active Natural Collagen and our Photography page: Crystal Dot Photography
Instagram: fitnclassy (this place is more about myself than about business, something like what I’d like to create in here )

I hope you’ll find this place interesting and inspiring. I will do my best to make you feel better and bring smile on your face:) Please feel free to leave a comment or ask me questions if you have any.


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