Bold & Beautiful - Eco-Friendly Pineapple Clothing Activewear
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Bold & Beautiful – Eco-Friendly Pineapple Clothing Activewear

If you checked my wardrobe, you would find out that most of my clothes are plain. I have only a handful of colourful items with some print design, including my sportswear. However I do love beautiful patterns and florals etc. It’s just that I’m really fussy as it comes to choosing the right prints. Because they just need to be… RIGHT.

When I checked Pineapple Clothing’s website and I saw their range of activewear, particularly leggings which I’m totally crazy about, I felt like OMG, they are awesome! I’ve finally come across the perfect place for printed sportswear! And I got myself this beautiful set which is absolutely perfect for my yoga practice and I love it.


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Now you can get 20% discount on everything, if you use my code: ANNSEW while shopping from Pineapple Clothing

Bold & Beautiful - Eco-Friendly Pineapple Clothing Activewear

Here’s what I love about Pineapple Clothing activewear:


Pineapple uses only the highest quality luxurious fabrics that are eco-friendly, durable and stretchy. They contain a large percentage of spandex and are washer and dryer safe.

Print Design

You won’t find anything like it anywhere else. Pineapple’s print design is bold and unique, full of vibrant colours, and as they state on their website their “exclusive placement of the print highlights the originality of the design”. I fell in love with this print design from the first moment I saw it. They have a wide range of bright and darker colours to choose from. It’s a real pleasure for an eye to browse their website, I’m telling you.


Their leggings and sports bra feels extremely soft and breathable. I love the fact that Pineapple’s leggings have wide waist band and the seams are designed in a way that you don’t even feel them. I’ve tested this set during my yoga practice and I have very positive impressions. This is by far one of the most comfortable yoga sets I have.

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Matching Sets for Mommy & Her Little Girl

How cute is that? You can buy yourself a nice pair of leggings and a mini version of the same pair for your daughter so she can look just like her big mommy while you do some exercises together. That’s so cool and I know my daughter would love it! I definitely need to buy ourselves a matching set next time.


Bold & Beautiful - Eco-Friendly Pineapple Clothing Activewear

Bold & Beautiful - Eco-Friendly Pineapple Clothing Activewear

Bold & Beautiful - Eco-Friendly Pineapple Clothing Activewear

If you like this print and would love to see more of Pineapple Clothing’s designs, check their website HERE.

Feel free to use my CODE: “annsew” if you want to get a 20% discount on your shopping.


They offer FREE SHIPPING within the United States. I had my items shipped to Ireland, and it cost me only €8. It took a while to have it delivered but it’s definitely worth the wait! I’m sure it would take a lot faster to have it delivered in the USA.

Let me know if you have Pineapple clothes in your wardrobe, and if you have any other favourite comfy sportswear you could recommend, I’m also open for your suggestions. Please leave a comment below.

Thank you.

Bold & Beautiful - Eco-Friendly Pineapple Clothing Activewear

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