Arm Workout With Weights

Here’s my latest arm workout which I sometimes do at home. If you have a barbell and dumbbells at home you can do it any time. My workout included: STANDING MILITARY PRESS (4 sets, 8 reps) BENT OVER BARBELL ROW (3 sets, 12 reps) STANDING BARBELL CURL (3 sets, 10 reps) STANDING DUMBBELL TRICEPS EXTENSION […]

My first 10K

I still can’t really believe it! 10K has never been my aim. I don’t have any ambition to run marathons nor even to run really far just for fun. I think that amount of cardio is not good for me and my already very slim body. It’s too knackering for the organism. I run occasionally […]

My first 5K

Now, I never thought that would happen! Ever!!! Partly because I’m not really a runner, I run only very occasionally to introduce some variety into my training program or as a warm-up, and partly because let’s be honest – I’m not that ambitious. Sometimes I love the feeling of challenge though 😉 And that’s what […]

Back to weights – ARMS & BACK

That break was way too long… Recently I was focusing more on cardio and pilates in order to drop excess fat which I managed to collect so  deliberately during my holiday break. Who doesn’t? Well… too many push-ups and planks caused my right wrinkle some kind of small injury and my legs are sore after […]

Go Run

Why not? The weather is beautiful, you can find half an hour! Just get into your running clothes, turn off social media, put on your headphones and GO! Your inner self will thank you for it. And it did! After all it’s all about overcoming your own laziness and adding some variety to your daily […]

30/32 – Day 30 – LEGS & ABS

WORKOUT Feeling great and full of energy today! I had a very busy day, spent nearly 6 hours in town getting ready for holidays. I had my nails done and I spent some time with one of my friends and did some additional shopping. When I came back I was still full of energy but […]