June Goals

This is going to be my first post about goals for the upcoming month so I have nothing to compare them with really. However I’m a rather well organised person who likes to have everything in order and I have my plans and goals written down in my diary together with all the steps how […]

Log Off. Go Workout.

This is definitely my motto for today. Do you also have days when you feel that the whole digital media world is trying to brainwash you? Do you also get disgusted by those unwanted posts being thrown in front of your eyes, all the horrible news, bad content, problems, disasters, illnesses, world injustice etc. etc…. […]

Never Give Up!

In whatever you do which makes you happy – do not give up! This is your calling, this is what defines you, what brings meaning to your life. And if ever you have moments of hesitation, stop for just a short moment and think why you’ve started in the first place. Look how far you’ve […]